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Answork: when BNP, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Credit Agricole, Société Générale and France Telecom open their databases...

What the hell is Answork ? Nothing... Just a B to B marketplace launched by BNP Paribas (25%), Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (15%), the Credit Agricole (25%), France Telecom (10%) and the Société Générale (25%). This marketplace's said to already have generated some 350 million francs in transactions...

Typing this url:  www.answork.com will take you to a https server (you know, SSL this stuff, supposed to secure your data...). Do you feel secure? We don't. Because the supposedly secured web site will spin the keys of its database to anyone. You just need a web browser. While I'm talking about this, the Council of Europe should not forget to add the browser in the category of evil hackers software in it's draft convention on cyber-criminality.

However, one could have thought that the site was very well protected. Indeed, Answork says: "the complete securisation of flows of information is an essential condition to the use of a marketplace platform like ANSWORK. Hosted at ISM, trusted Cap Gemini Ernst & Young specialist of the hosting and the protection of platforms, is highly secure. The four factes of an optimal security are thus treated:

External aggressions  (intrusion, usurpation, propagation, listenings)
bulk-heading of the data,
protection by several firewalls,
demilitarized zone (DMZ)
encrypted sessions with SSL 128 bits
safety audit of the platform

Confidentiality and Integrity of the data
distinct databases for each customer, protected by specific access rights
confidentiality and integrity ensured by SSL

Deterioration hardware (destruction, breakdown, availability)
redundant platform dedicated
segmentation of the LAN
clean room,
buildings with controlled access

Access control to the applications
authentification with encrypted login/password
password policy

Do you feel secure? We don't

Ok, you'll say: who cares if Kitetoa doesn't feel secure? It's not our money circulating inside Answork...


But how can one reasonably describe security procedures of this kind when Answork cannot even protect the passwords giving access the database?

The marketing blah blah blah is ok and sometimes even funny. But sometimes it's a sad thing when it lack so much sense of reality. Here are what the communication people say at Answork: " Answork ensures a maximum security for the data flows and an absolute respect of confidentiality for the commerical data. It mixes the very best of new technologies and a old expertise of B to B"

The best, they say.

We hope everyone understand that we have no particular skills in computing. So... if we found that, wo knows what an evil hacker would find... By the way... Greets to France Telecom (which contributes " to the operational functions of the marketplace! ").


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