How much do we spend on each page?

An incredibly rough analysis suggesting we spend 26 hours publishing a single page

We publish about 280 pages each month


Number of pages

NGM 7-10
Traveler 15-20
World, Kids 10-15
Books 3-4 (5-7 pages bi-monthly)
Glad You Asked 2
CRE Grantee 1
Collectible of the Month 2-5
Live Events 10-20 (in season)
Exhibitions 2-5 (5-10 pages bi-monthly)
Adventure 6-15
Explorer TV 12-15
Explorer's Journal 2
Splash Screens 30
Xpeditions 10-14 (5-7 pages bi-weekly)
News pages 30
Forum updates 10
6 features or section redesigns @ 15 pages each 90
Total pages published each month
(this is an intentionally high estimate)

31 people are producing our content


Number of staff

Producers/Assistant Producers 7
Editors/Managers 3
Designers 3
QA 3
Programmers 6
Writers/Researchers 3
Acquisition/Rights Clearance staff 4
Scheduling/Administrative support 2
Total 31*

Editorial person-hours each month (# of staff x 8 hrs x 30 days)


* Since our staff is in flux, these numbers are something of an estimate. Included in this count, for instance, are old positions that are currently (or have been until recently) unfilled, like the VP/Operations, but not the newly created and unfilled positions like Tech Manager. Also, I'm counting Ford and Mike as producers because replacement producers haven't been hired yet. (The assumption being that once the replacement producers are hired, the page production counts may be able to go up.)

Also, marketing staffers have been excluded from this count. I'm not dissing the marketing folks, but their work doesn't easily correlate to numbers of pages produced.

The result: 26 hours per page

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