hacked by: MetalTongue, optiklenz, GenoXide

This page was indeed "hacked"

First off I'd like to apologize for the interruption. There are a few issue's I would like to make clear to the country of Japan. Before I do this I'd like to point out that no damage was done to any of the systems (as always). You are probably wondering "Why us?" Well we have a friend of ours saying "Why me?" He was a peaceful, and productive citizen of the San Fernando Valley until he too was "interrupted" pulled out of his envoirment, and had everything he lived for atomized, and torn apart before his eyes as if that weren't enough he was placed into a maximum security prison at which he was surrounded by rapist, murders, and others of the sort. He was tormented for his knowledge something no one should be ridiculed for. If we sat otiose, and learned nothing we'd be ignorant, but if we lived to acclaim a knowledge that is rightfully ours we are imprisoned in other words your dammed if you do, and your dammed if you don't. Tsutomu Shimomura a inhabitant of your land was involved in the capture, and incarceration of Kevin Mitnick for what? For a safer America? No, but only to feed his ill rotten ego. He couldn't handle the fact that someone was better than him so he decided revenge was the only way. Well along with his actions comes ramifications ones that weigh heavily on not only him, but his people. He has thus far defined what I think of people like him, and the people involved with him. He has ruined a life to put a smile on his face, and even now he is not laughing. Tsutomu Shimomura if you see this or if one of your relatives happens to wonder why your on every domain in Japan think to yourself "was it worthed?" in your eyes it maybe so but in the eyes of many and many a like it is not. ........Free Kevin Mitnick....

A message to HFG, (HTTP://WWW.MOT.CO.JP what were you trying to prove?)

You you guys think your tough stuff because you've gotten ahold of a admmountd exploit, and have been able to train your members to art of compiling exploits. Your hacks are weak in manner, and presentation obviously lacking ethics, and the product of adolescent teens who aren't able to obtain any "pussy" thus your "hacking for girls" statement. Why not hack for purpose? Why not hack for the pursuit, and advancement of technology? Hacking has not only to do with gaining "root". Hacking is a expansive applied knowledge in any technical field. Hacking is cutting down tree's, and bumming code. Hacking is not the posting naked pics on sites, and messages of inarticulate purpose. To say the least you got far more credit than you deserve... "A "true hack", at the most sophisticated level, finds and exploits a security hole that was previously unknown. It is, for hackers, a discovery of the first order. True hacks may occur when a hacker understands how things work (or, often times, don't work) and takes advantage of those flaws, oversights or errors in an original way. This level of hacking requires intimate knowledge of computers, programs and computer languages. These hacks are often discovered, reported and patched by hackers themselves. The real achievement is in the process of discovery. "

(HFG fall's under this category) Derivative hacks should be seen as nothing more than joyrides. In most cases, hackers are not impressed: there's nothing inventive or particularly clever about breaking into a system using tools that someone else created. It is a bit like stealing an unlocked car with the keys in the ignition. btw: your not the only gimps who can rhyme....

Eye of the Beholder

I have seen things most people don't' I have been places most people wont' I have born witness to reality Although I live in a world farther then they will ever be. I've explored far and beyond. I've ventured on, and on. My tracks have been covered by the wind, and redirected as a decoy to those who wish to go where I have been. I've called out, but my calls have went as whimpers' no one cares to see a dream differed I've left my place in life in search of something new something I share with only those who have a clue. Its the world of sense were people do indeed understand A world with an inner bind that is blind to creed and color of skin. A place where anyone with a quest for knowledge or curiosity may enter in. A world where knowledge is not limited, and we are not scolded for the things we are to do, and have already done. A world where the expansion of knowledge is not a crime, and the gain of information is not a waste of time. Away from the deceitfulness of the real world is where I will remain along the loathes of the things I love is now where I reign...

your friend,

optiklenz of the underground team....

Greetz: most every1 in #legions, Dark Wasp, (GenoXide finish it from here do0d!!!..heh,...put your image at the bottom)



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