I simply can not believe the total bullshit propaganda on this web site. Chinas people have no rights at all, never mind Human RIghts. I really can't believe our government deals with them. They censor, murder, torture, maim, and do everything we take for granite left the earth with the middle ages.
The Chinese communist government, is made out a gang of 100+ year old thugs and bullies who hide in seclusion. This pitiful effort of trying to change the hearts and minds of of the world is a joke!
How can the United States trade millions and millions of dollars with them and give them most favored trade status when they know what is happening? Two wrongs do not lead to a right, no matter what twisted world you live in.
Get informed!

Amnesty International - China
Human RIghts in China
 The Murder of an Innocent Man
A Brave Man Stands Alone

While we are on the subject of bullshit human rights, why don't lame fuckers like FH get a clue? Kevin Mitnik is being held illegally!! Period!! Who cares what his name is and what he did, that fact is it could be anyone the government locked up. It could be you, it could be me! So keep on going around yelling Fry Kevin, and one day when you need help, it won't be there either. You'll yell you have right, but because you didn't stand up for them, we'll be just like China, and NOT HAVE ANY!! Grow up fools, take control! Learn a lesson from how hard some Chinese people are fighting for something they don't even have!!

Dear WebMaster/Admin - YOUR SECURITY IS A TOTAL JOKE! We had rooted your box in an all time record. It took us less then 2 minutes! Don't play with fire when you know you are going to get burned!!

Thanks and Shout-out: Zyklon (you the man baby!), everyone in LoU, #hackphreak, NetJammer, Burrows, Accipter, RLoxley, Optiklenz, Deadguy and Fanggz for getting married!
Chinese Communist Government  - from me to you - FUCK OFF!!
Bronc Buster of LoU


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