This site was hacked by the boys (and girls) of E-pRoM. Why? To make a simple statement. Keep the true human spirit. Keep life unpredictable. Keep life ALIVE.

OK, so what do we have here? The mighty Comdex falls to a relatively small "hacker group". Proof positive that even the Goliaths of our online world can fall to a "David" every once and a while. Another example of the gaping holes that exist in the internet's structure.

The chances are, that you have paid a grossly inflated price for a software, or hardware, product simply because you WILL pay that amount. Computer software and hardware is worth billions, people. You ARE being ripped off. We have a situation in which software giants are slowly closing down your options as a consumer, just as your option of OS is pretty much decided for you before you even buy your box.

MP3s, now here's a touchy issue for the powers that be. The giant record companies are pretty upset right now. Their little monopoly of not only the music market itself but the population's taste in music isn't just dwindling, it's being executed by the true human spirit. DON'T LET THE RECORD COMPANIES GET THEIR WAY. Don't let them crack down on MP3 distribution. MP3s are beautiful, they reward the intelligent and resourceful, and put an end to overpriced CD buying. Perhaps most importantly, they put an end to who, and what style, will be heard by the masses. Bands/DJs/Musicians no longer have to conform to the sellable qualities and styles that major record companies have imposed to ensure sales. Music is part of the human experience, share it, publish it for free, live free.

Shoutouts to all those who converse with the |[Ep]| crew, both those who help us, and those who hinder. We're all playing the same game....

E-pRoM - To neglect and disturb.