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One week after our first paper, Bull still have exactly the same problem on other servers...

Bull: 1er papier
Kitetoa dévoile
un trou béant de
sécurité chez Bull
Bull: 2éme papier
Kitetoa remet
les pendules à l'heure
Bull: 3éme papier
Kitetoa répond point
par point aux contre-vérités
des responsables de Bull
Bull: 4éme papier
Bull tire les leçons
d'une erreur humaine...
A sa façon...

Read this paper in english

Bull: 5éme papier
Bull répare à moitié son

serveur anglais et instale
un nouveau serveur n'importe
Récapitulatif des papiers
sur le monde étrange
des administrateurs réseau
et systèmes
Récapitulatif de nos
copies d'écran
sur ce même monde étrange
It's a funky job.
But Kitetoa's digital clone
does it...
Do you know info-hack
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La fête de l'été de Kitetoa...
Les sites les plus nazes
de l'été 2000
La Loi de 78 impose
aux entreprises de protéger
les bases de données qu'elles
Remember, the evil hackers of Kitetoa.com have - without the least compliance with the rules engraved in the marble since.. always and which governs the links between the press and the companies -, published unpleasant information on Bull without talking with Bull's press people.

Bull had over reacted: " Only one of the servers was accessible during one short period of time. We recognize the incident but there was human error and this is inevitable in any company".

More, the spokeswoman for Bull told the online press that the company "had launched an audit to determine how the error (at the origin of the fault) could occur" and called its customers "to explain the situation".

We are a bit tired with this history of Bull. It is not really funny anymore. They are insincere and one will not be able to change them. It is life... Sad world... Bah...

On the other hand, one would like to know how far their "audit" went. Of course, Kitetoa, as any person having worked on a Lotus-Domino server could give, in one stopwatch minute, the answer to the questions that will not fail to be put in this audit. But nobody asked us anything. We however wondered ourselves about the seriousness of this audit... One audit of this kind should clarify some things. The first one, of course, is that the hierarchy of Bull had consulted these pages and knew, of course, that they were in free access on the Net. Or else, the hierarchy must change and leave that kind of job. Or, get aware of these technologies. One will thus punish with same severity the hierarchy of Bull and in particular the commercial guys which were to be fond of these pages, that the poor boy who forgot to modify the rights on this "directory"... Moreover, this audit will push Bull to monitor all the Web servers of the company. And because with this human error they learned something, they must have been looking very carefully at some large servers they have... Without any doubt. I mean... they must have, isn't that right?

Well...obviously not...

Hey! Don’t piss off Bull please!!! What we show you here is absolutely not a serious problem and the server was in this situation for only one and a half minute last night. Well, that is what they will say...

Here thus a nice image (have fun):

bull-Bull.co.uk-configuration4.jpg (22612 octets)

For your information, in the United Kingdom, www.integris.co.uk = www.bull.co.uk = www.eyconsortium.co.uk (a consortium between Ernst & Young and Bull...)

Here some other images.

Bull in the United Kingdom: small actions of the administrator on the server
Bull server in the United Kingdom: statistics of the server
Bull server in the United Kingdom: definitely, they really are fans of IBM
Bull in the United Kingdom: what's in this server?
Bull in the United Kingdom: and how is it configured?

You might say, like the funny guys at Bull, that there is nothing confidential on these servers...

Good, as we obviously have a little more memory than the others do, we invite you to read these very old advisories... See? We are doing part of the work of the people in charge of the audit at Bull. In exchange for our time, we accept gloubi-boulga for our late meals, good music (MP3), a trip to the Maldives so that we can rest after so many efforts and a check for 500 million dollars. Please deposit it in an account in an online bank of VaduZ...

http://www.securityfocus.com/advisories/597  (We think this one should be read carefully by Bull's admin.)



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